Another main feature of the center is a developed administrative office building, located in the north part of the Galaxy Trade Center. Main entrance is situated on “Shipchenski prohod” highlighted as a major compositional element of the building with a glass marquee at the main entrance, and two panoramic elevators in the entrance foyer. From Level of 8.18 m to 29.95 m level there are 63 offices with private bathrooms placed on 8989,50 m2 area.

GTC-Razpredelenie Offices

The office building is designed with a façade with two types of glass – tinted mirror with an area of ​​500 square meters and shaded area about 1 250 square meters
The office has an almost sacred value of a company – a place for meetings, staff houses , stores documents has representative functions gives an overall picture of you and your work. The office is part of the art of good communication. Office area offers all the necessary facilities for business meetings. For modern and comfortable working conditions contribute insured structured cabling , security, video surveillance , internet , telephone , air conditioning and ventilation with air conditioning, very low operating costs.