Galaxy Trade Center is located in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of the capital of Bulgaria – “Geo Milev ” on ” Shipchenski Prohod” blvd. and “Nicolaus Copernicus” Street. Located close to the city center, “Geo Milev” is a center of many government and administrative institutions , research institutions , university structures , gyms and stadiums , including – Ministry of Foreign Affairs , the Embassy of Romania, gyms Universiada and Festivalna and Stadium Academic, complex BAS, faculty of Sofia University, National Academy of Music , Geo Milev Park .

This is one of the main factors determining the constant traffic and flow of people and cars in the area. The excellent location of the neighborhood is easily reached by car and public transport . About 200 meters from the shopping center is located hotel “Pliska” on “Tsarigradsko shose” blvd , where multiple number of buses, trolleybuses and trams stop and also provide convenient access to the shopping center from all parts of the city. ” Tsarigradsko shose ” blvd. is the main thoroughfare of the capital and serves as the backbone of the city. It provides easy access to the trade center from both the city center and the largest residential complex “Mladost” , “Druzhba “, ” Iztok”, “Reduta” and is a major factor affecting the amount of traffic in the area around tha mall.