About us

Galaxy Trade CenterGalaxy Trade Center is the first multi-functional complex in district “Geo Milev”. Differentiated by its excellent architecture and design solutions, Galaxy Trade Center combines itself convenience and comfort for the visitors. The visitation of Galaxy Trade Center is real pleasure and fun.

The commercial center is designed to attract customers and tempt them to discover all the possibilities for entertainment and shopping. In spatial regard, the project decision concerning the building, is in harmony with the urban approaches and the dynamic development of the modern city of Sofia.

Commercial part is structured on three levels : ground floor, first and basement first floor , offering a mix of tenants representing remarkable international and Bulgarian merchants. All sites are spacious and attractive , fully air conditioned, with wide corridors and well structured system for guidance to customers in order to make shopping a pleasure. Here you will find a great selection of famous fashion brands , sportswear and home decoration that can satisfy every taste and as an important finishing touch – a stylish range of accessories and jewelry. At the mall are provided three approaches: The main entrance to the shopping area is situated at the crossroad of ” Shichenski Prohod ” blvd. and “Nicolaus Copernicus” Street, East entrance from the street “Nicolaus Copernicus ” and western entrance of the Street ” Elisaveta Bagryana ” . The three approaches are connected in the main lobby , in which through escalators provide access to the first basement and first floor of the center. Access from two underground parking levels to the mall is provided via two spacious and comfortable lifts.

In accordance with EU requirements is provided and maximum comfort for the disadvantaged. In secondary public space are located small shops, cafes and fast food. Sense of spatial breadth of the interior space was achieved with both atriums level of 4.5 meters, and lighting them with a skylight. The designers of the Galaxy Trade Center using only the finest materials to create a wonderful atmosphere in the mall – marble, wood, glass.

The shopping center includes:
Supermarket, Children’s center, Restaurant, cafe, indoor and outdoor spaces with different size and purpose. Place that attracts consumers and tempt them to discover all the possibilities for entertainment and shopping.